Daniel Morgenstern wins High Bisque Tournament - 14/08/2010 09:12 by Frances_Low
The High Bisque Tournament on 12/13 August 2010 run by the Croquet Academy was won by Dr Daniel Morgenstern who was successful in all his games. In the final, he beat Steve Lewendon and even managed a very efficient rover peel, finishing with some bisques still standing - a very polished performance that earned him the High Bisque Salver and a handicap reduction from 18 to 14.

In the subsidiary event, a supervised, less experienced group, the winner was Rosemary Coleman who won all her matches. This new venture, where the group played 14pt games under the eagle eye of an experienced coach, worked well and was appreciated by all participants.

The Academy would like to thank all those who entered and played in good spirit and it was interesting to see how all improved over the two days. Special thanks also to the coaches who did such a marvellous job - Alan Theobald, Gene Mears, Daphne Gaitley and Jonathan Isaacs. Their advice and expertise was greatly valued.  Thanks also to Don Mears for all his refereeing, and of course, to the Club for the excellent meals and friendly atmosphere.

See you again next year?