Coaching for Normandy club - 25/08/2009 10:06 by John_Low
The weekend of 22/23 August saw a group of four players from the Catenay Croquet Club in Normandy, France attend a specially arranged coaching weekend at Southwick.

Catenay is one of only two clubs in northern France. Their club has two lawns on a multi-sport facility and they have strong connections with Sussex as they play an annual match against Waldron Croquet Club at alternating venues.

They were all pretty good strong hits - due I suspect to the rather long grass they have on their lawns - and it took them a while to adjust to the speed at Southwick.  Their play and understanding of the game improved hugely over the weekend.


It was a most enjoyable weekend, if hard work, and they were a lovely group to coach.

As mentioned above, they have a problem cutting their grass short - they don't have a cylinder mower.   If any club is thinking of selling an old but working mower, please contact me, as they are interested in buying one but, being rather few in number, can't afford a new one.

They're also looking for some second-hand mallets to replace the wooden-handled ones they currently use.

Finally, anyone visiting the Rouen area of France wanting a game of croquet will, I am sure, find a very warm welcome from the members.