High Bisque Tournament Report - 20/08/2021 18:50 by AdminJohn

The Croquet Academy High Bisque Tournament 2021

It was lovely to host the AC High Bisque tournament again at Southwick after a gap due to Covid.
There were 12 entries but sadly someone had to pull out that morning. I am very grateful to Gerald Gooders and Celia Fastnedge from Littlehampton who kindly substituted at the last minute!
The 4 rounds in blocks were closely contested but the final ended up between Jon Colombo from SCCC and Caroline Alexander from Medway.
The final swung one way then the next but the more consistent play of Jon ensured he won the match. Congratulations to Jon who received the High Bisque Salver.
Well done Caroline and all the players who took part.
My grateful thanks to Morgan Case and Chrissie Merrington who assisted me, did some coaching, and gave much support to me and the players!! Their comments after each match were well received and useful.
High bisque players struggle to see the whole picture on a full lawn so maybe next year, we can have a short court supported tournament? The shots can be more precise and the tactics can be followed more easily. Accuracy and understanding are more likely.
Well done anyway to you all – we noticed many improvements during the day, and a better appreciation of the 4 ball break!!
Keep going – we want to see you again next year!
Frances Low (Manager)