A Message from the Academy Director - 09/02/2021 16:33 by AdminJohn



The current situation in terms of Croquet Academy Courses is far more optimistic for the coming year than 2020.

Happily there were some ‘high spots’ that came out of the pandemic which took over our lives: many ‘Newbies’ took up the game of croquet and Captain Sir Tom Moore became a National Hero. He will never be forgotten.

As long as things continue to improve this Spring, then all 2021 Academy Courses will go ahead - but, the majority of those held ‘on court’ will need to be rescheduled when have a clearer picture of Lockdown developments.

It is hoped that Courses programmed for June and later will be unaffected.

Webinars will be unchanged, indeed we are planning to add a couple more dates for Cliff Jones’ AC New-Laws Courses.

A late Summer/Autumn Programme is the most likely outcome.

The safety of everyone whether they are attendees, coaches or helpers is the prime concern in deciding if and when a course can go ahead. It is hoped that the majority of people who visit Southwick will have some form of protection from Covid-19 by the time courses start and any Course requiring classroom work will probably need to have proof of vaccination from all parties attending.

Before agreeing to undertake tuition, a Coach must feel confident that they are protected and can offer protection to their pupils and can work comfortably within a safety framework.

As well as the points above, the Academy has to fit in with planned CA Tournaments played at Southwick.

We will get there and it will be great to see old faces and new when we get back to playing.

Richard Carline