AC High Bisque Tournament 2018 - 06/08/2018 08:50 by Frances_Low

The annual association croquet High Bisque tournament was held at Southwick on 30/31st July.

There was a good entry of 18 players with handicaps ranging from 14 to 24. Unfortunately, one player had to drop out on the morning of the 30th as his wife was ill so a little problem arose! An odd number of players. This was solved by the generosity of SCCC members, David Marcus and Gerald Gooders, who gave some players a game over the 2 days.

Everyone was able to play 6 x14 point games over the tournament.

The event was run as a flexible Swiss- we ended up with 5 players on 4 wins – Anne Bolland (now an 11), Nicholas Beard, Isobel George, Ann Beard and Janet Hoptroff.

The winner was Carol Driver from Purley Bury with 5 wins- well done Carol. She has played in the event before and has participated in some Academy courses and made full use of her bisques to make breaks, so a worthy win.

Many thanks as ever to the coaches who assisted and gave sound advice at the end of the games- Clive Hayton, Morgan Case, Hilary Smith and Deborah Marcus.

Thanks to Southwick for providing excellent catering and lawns.

Finally, my thanks to all the players who helped to make the tournament friendly and fun. Plus, they played some good croquet!

Frances Low- Manager and Coach