Congratulations to Caroline Denny! - 21/01/2014 19:22 by Frances_Low

We received the following extract from the Bear of Rodborough CC Newsletter.  Caroline is a past student of the Croquet Academy.

Bear of Rodborough Croquet Club


Special Edition Newsletter – January 2014





It has just been announced that Caroline has been awarded the Croquet Association’s prestigious Steel Memorial Bowl. This award is made annually to the most improved female player in the country. We nominated Caroline at the end of last season but had no idea of who else may be nominated so it has come as a wonderful surprise to hear this news. The nomination we presented read:


Caroline started learning croquet and joined this club three years ago and also joined Cheltenham Croquet Club earlier this year.


Caroline started 2013 on a handicap of 20 (index 995) and ended the season on 8 (index 1322).
In April, she played in the Budleigh High Bisquers Handicap Tournament which she won;
In May, she played in the Latham Cup Handicap Tournament in Bristol and won;
After playing in the Cheltenham Handicap May Weekend, her index had 25 points added to give her a handicap of 12;
She was the runner up in the Bristol High Bisquers tournament in June;
She won the Cheltenham High Bisques tournament in June;

She entered the Cheltenham Class tournament in July; (cont)

After these and other club matches her handicap came down to 8 by late August.
At Cheltenham Croquet Club this weekend, she won the D class club competition.

She has also played in club competitions at The Bear and has played in fixtures in the South-West Federation leagues.


Of the 91 games she has played this season, she won 63 ( 69.2%) of them.



Caroline will have to wait until the CA AGM in October to receive the award but in the meantime, we can all celebrate her amazing progress and wish her continued success in 2014.