High Bisque Tournament - 31/07/2013 10:02 by Frances_Low

The annual High Bisque tournament was run by the Croquet Academy on 18/19 July. There was the usual good entry of 22 players with handicaps ranging from 14-24. The weather was unusual – sweltering heat and blue skies and unbroken sunshine! The players lasted well and were sustained by gallons of water and by seeking the shade of the trees and huts.

The main event, the High Bisque Salver was closely contested. Block A was won by Vivien Fryer from Rother Valley, and Block B by Pam Gooders from Southwick. Both ladies won all their block games. The final took place at the end of a very hot day and both players were very tired but they rose to the occasion with Pam winning a close contest +1 on time! So our chairman Jonathan Isaacs was delighted to present Pam with the High Bisque Salver – her first win after loyally supporting the event for a number of years. She also had a handicap reduction from 16 to 14.


We ran 2 supervised blocks this year due to the varying nature of handicaps. The main supervised event was a close call with Isobel George from Rottingdean winning in the end. The other supervised group for very high bisquers was managed by Nancy Allen who helped players through their games and explained the 4 ball break thoroughly.

We saw some very interesting and good play but the heat did affect everyone but it was pleasing to see many try to use their bisques affectively and set up and maintain the 4 ball break.

The event would not be possible without the support of our loyal coaches and I thank wholeheartedly Jack Davies, Gene Mears, Nancy Allen, Alan Theobald and Jonathan Isaacs for their help and encouragement. Grateful thanks to Don Mears for his refereeing on both days.

We were well served as ever on the catering front by Southwick, and we remain grateful to all the volunteers who make the tournament possible.

We always take on board suggestions to improve the event, so watch this space for the High Bisque event next year!

Frances Low