2012 Coaching Season announced - 02/11/2011 09:56 by John_Low



Coaching Courses

for players of all abilities

The Croquet Academy is running a comprehensive series of courses at Sussex County Croquet Club, Southwick aimed at Golf and Association Croquet players of all abilities.

Below are brief details of the 2012 courses.

Full details and application forms are available on the Academy Website or in the 2011 CA Fixtures Calendar. Alternatively email the Academy Administrator on




Handicap range

21st & 22nd April

Association Croquet Bronze Course

12 - 18

21st & 22nd April

Association Croquet Silver Course

6 - 11

21st & 22nd April

Association Croquet Triple Peel Course

4 or less

25th & 26th April


A guide to Successful Tournament Management

any, either form of croquet

28th & 29th April

Association Croquet Improvers Course

18 or more

28th & 29th April


Association Croquet Development Course in Advanced Play

6 - 12

28th & 29th April


Introduction to Association Croquet 28th & 29th April


19th & 20th May

Golf Croquet Improvers Course

4 or more

19th & 20th May


Introduction to Association Croquet for Golf Croquet Players

novices to association croquet

7th & 8th August 2012

Association Croquet Supervised High Bisque Tournament

16 or more