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Your chance to learn Association Croquet over the Winter

Have you ever considered learning how to play Association Croquet? Whether you just want to try it out or use the techniques to improve your golf croquet, The Academy are offering a special modular winter programme to help you on your way.

This will be a course with a difference:

  • We are going to start by teaching you Ricochet. This game has swept the pacific basin and apart from learning a new fun game will give you some of the techniques to being a successful Association Croquet Player.

  • We going to use short Croquet Lawns. This will make it far easier to be able to undertake the strokes and start making breaks.

  • We are going to break the course down into short modules, then give you a number of practice routines to hone your skills .

The modules will be run by Academy coaches, with a maximum ratio of 4 players for every coach thus ensuring plenty of one to one advice and help.

Proposed course dates:

Module 1 Tuesday 19th October

Module 2 Wednesday 27th October

Module 3 Tuesday 16th November

Module 4 Saturday 20th November

Course content includes: Learn how to play Ricochet and then play a game. An introductory session on Association Croquet covering some basics including the roquet shot and a few laws. The croquet shot – The take off shot with practice routines. The straight drive and the stop shot. Practice routine using all three shots. Introduction to splits and rolls. Making a break – Understanding the 4 ball break. Keeping the break going.

How to open the game. How to set up a break. How to finish a break to your advantage. Effective use of bisques. Practice routines to work on over the winter.

Timing: 10.15am – 3.15pm (Bring you own lunch)

Cost for 4 modules:

£100 (CA Standard Members)

£80 (CA Premium members)

The following spring we plan to organise 2 x 1 one day courses to develop your skills.

To Apply:  Click here to apply on-line.

For more information contact Frances Low on 01273 388910