2019 High Bisque Tournament won by Ann Beard - 12/07/2019 08:40 by Frances_Low

The High Bisque Salver 2019

The annual High Bisque AC tournament run by the Croquet Academy was held at Southwick on 8/9 July.

The Salver was presented by Pat Shine over 31 years ago!

We had a very small entry this year which was sad but does emphasise the reduction in Association players. Plus there was a large Golf Croquet tournament at the weekend so …............!

Anyway we had some very good, close matches – all games were 18 point and were played with full bisques to a base of 8.

The winner with 4/5 wins including 2 peg outs was Ann Beard. Ann and her husband Nick have been regulars at the event so it was good that Ann should take the trophy home. Robyn Clark and Mark Walsh (playing for the 1st time at Southwick) had 3 wins.

The event is 'supervised' in that we are available for advice and to de-brief players after each of their early matches. We also offer advice on shots and tactics.

My thanks are due to all the players and particularly to Morgan Case for his assistance and ideas. The lawns were superb – thank you Ben!

The tournament is good fun and friendly, and you will learn a lot so give it a go next year!

Frances Low - Manager