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GC Laws course for next year - 09/12/2010 @ 09:53 by   John_Low
Bill Arliss has kindly agreed to run a further GC Laws Course next season.  Details are in the Course Prospectus.

Daniel Morgenstern wins High Bisque Tournament - 14/08/2010 @ 09:12 by   Frances_Low
The High Bisque Tournament on 12/13 August 2010 run by the Croquet Academy was won by Dr Daniel Morgenstern who was successful in all his games. In the final, he beat Steve Lewendon and even managed a very efficient rover peel, finishing with some bisques still standing - a very polished performance that earned him the High Bisque Salver and a handicap reduction from 18 to 14.

In the subsidiary event, a supervised, less experienced group, the winner was Rosemary Coleman who won all her matches. This new venture, where the group played 14pt games under the eagle eye of an experienced coach, worked well and was appreciated by all participants.

The Academy would like to thank all those who entered and played in good spirit and it was interesting to see how all improved over the two days. Special thanks also to the coaches who did such a marvellous job - Alan Theobald, Gene Mears, Daphne Gaitley and Jonathan Isaacs. Their advice and expertise was greatly valued.  Thanks also to Don Mears for all his refereeing, and of course, to the Club for the excellent meals and friendly atmosphere.

See you again next year?

Triple Peel Course - 20/07/2010 @ 22:38 by   Jonathan_Isaacs
Unfortunately there have been too many cancellations for the Triple Course scheduled for 5-7 August. As such we have reluctantly had to take the decision to cancel it and reschedule it for next spring.

The general feedback we have received it that it would be best to run it in the early part of the season and as such we are looking for a suitable date in April/May 2011 when a number of people have expressed an interest.

Instant result from Academy Courses! - 04/05/2010 @ 11:46 by   John_Low
Congratulations to Sam Murray who achieved his Silver Merit award in a tournament, straight after participating in the Bronze Course at Southwick this last week.

That's what I call progress!


Please note that the Course Administrator will be away from 19th March so will not be able to deal with any queries concerning the Golf Croquet Referees Course on the 27th after that date.

Any applications or queries after the 19th should be addressed by email to and will be dealt with directly by the course tutor.

Cliff Jones will run Association Coaching Training Course at Southwick - 03/03/2010 @ 20:01 by   John_Low
Cliff Jones has agreed to run a Coaches Training Course at Southwick on 20th - 21st April 2010.

Cliff is one of the CA's premier coaches and his course is sure to be a first-rate introduction to coaching croquet.

Those wishing to attend should have a handicap of at least 14 and have a good working knowledge of the laws of association croquet.

See here for further details.

Website now has active RSS feed - 19/10/2009 @ 11:53 by   John_Low
You can now keep update with news on the Academy website using RSS technology.

Subscribe to the RSS feed by following the instructions in your browser.

  1. Firefox - Put in the address bar and click on the RSS icon rss_icon.jpg at the end of the address.  Subscribe to the livelink.
  2. Internet Explorer: Put in the address bar and click on the RSS icon rss_icon.jpg in the toolbar.  Subscribe to the feed.
This will keep you informed of any course updates.

2010 course information released - 07/10/2009 @ 21:45 by   John_Low
The programme of training for 2010 has been finalised and will appear on this website over the next few days.The Academy is open for bookings straight away.

Coaching for Normandy club - 25/08/2009 @ 10:06 by John_Low
The weekend of 22/23 August saw a group of four players from the Catenay Croquet Club in Normandy, France attend a specially arranged coaching weekend at Southwick.

Catenay is one of only two clubs in northern France. Their club has two lawns on a multi-sport facility and they have strong connections with Sussex as they play an annual match against Waldron Croquet Club at alternating venues.

They were all pretty good strong hits - due I suspect to the rather long grass they have on their lawns - and it took them a while to adjust to the speed at Southwick.  Their play and understanding of the game improved hugely over the weekend.


It was a most enjoyable weekend, if hard work, and they were a lovely group to coach.

As mentioned above, they have a problem cutting their grass short - they don't have a cylinder mower.   If any club is thinking of selling an old but working mower, please contact me, as they are interested in buying one but, being rather few in number, can't afford a new one.

They're also looking for some second-hand mallets to replace the wooden-handled ones they currently use.

Finally, anyone visiting the Rouen area of France wanting a game of croquet will, I am sure, find a very warm welcome from the members.

Croquet Summer School 2009 - 10/08/2009 @ 15:39 by   Daphne_Gaitley

Summer School 2009

This year’s event was held as usual during the final week of July, when the weather is normally settled, fine warm and dry, but the start of the course was beset by a hard, heavy rainfall which prohibited use of the lawns until mid morning when the rain eased off and eventually ceased to give way to more pleasant conditions. The rest of the week was fine, as the South eastern corner enjoyed brilliant sunshine while the rain was confined to other areas, except for an hour or so on Thursday afternoon when another heavy shower was experienced.

The students enjoyed the relaxed, informal atmosphere of the course, but still learned a lot, and the improvement in standards during the week was markedly apparent. Enthusiastic approval greeted the standards of coaching, and the general friendliness of the coaches themselves, and, of course, high quality of the fare offered at mealtimes, but particularly at lunchtime. The bar also proved to be another facility to attract praise. The overall assessment of the course, as indicated by the returned questionnaires, was extremely favourable and around half of the participants have expressed an interest in returning next year. However, this always happens as they get caught up in the general euphoria of the Summer School, but that said, many do return in subsequent years.

The School usually attracts a number of overseas visitors, but they were not apparent this year unless the Irish visitor is so reckoned. Apparently, he was looking on the internet for such a course and came across this one. A likeable fellow, he will probably return next year with his cousin.

The midweek evening barbecue was well attended, and again a superb meal was provided. We were also fortunate in having Mr. John Solomon as a guest, who addressed the assembly and offered words of encouragement to the players, as well as graciously signing copies of his book for several of them.

Two other unexpected highlights of the week were the passing and later return of an old steam locomotive and carriages on the adjacent railway, and a flypast of some frail World War 1 aircraft including old biplanes, and even a triplane to honour Mr. Henry Allingham, the world’s oldest man and war veteran who died a few days earlier and whose funeral was being held that day.

In conclusion, the Summer school was a success for all involved in its organisation and execution.


Daphne Gaitley

August 2009