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Course Cancellations - 19/03/2019 @ 08:38

Cancelled due to lack of demand:

AC Improvers’ Course on 10-11 April
GC Moving Towards ‘A’ Level Play 25 April

The Coaches Training Course for Club Coaches on 4-5 April is now full. An additional course is being run on 8-9th April.  Full details here.

The Academy is running a second GC Referees Rule Refresher Course on 15th April 2019, due to very strong demand for this course. Check the course prospectus for further details.

Course date correction - 06/12/2018 @ 15:19

Typo in course details

Apologies from the Webmaster who made a typing error in the course details and entry system. The course GC Moving Towards A Level Play is on 25th April, not as originally indicated on this website. No need to enter again if you already did so as the Course Administrator will be in contact.

If you looked here and didn't like the date - look again!


The annual association croquet High Bisque tournament was held at Southwick on 30/31st July.

There was a good entry of 18 players with handicaps ranging from 14 to 24. Unfortunately, one player had to drop out on the morning of the 30th as his wife was ill so a little problem arose! An odd number of players. This was solved by the generosity of SCCC members, David Marcus and Gerald Gooders, who gave some players a game over the 2 days.

Everyone was able to play 6 x14 point games over the tournament.

The event was run as a flexible Swiss- we ended up with 5 players on 4 wins – Anne Bolland (now an 11), Nicholas Beard, Isobel George, Ann Beard and Janet Hoptroff.

The winner was Carol Driver from Purley Bury with 5 wins- well done Carol. She has played in the event before and has participated in some Academy courses and made full use of her bisques to make breaks, so a worthy win.

Many thanks as ever to the coaches who assisted and gave sound advice at the end of the games- Clive Hayton, Morgan Case, Hilary Smith and Deborah Marcus.

Thanks to Southwick for providing excellent catering and lawns.

Finally, my thanks to all the players who helped to make the tournament friendly and fun. Plus, they played some good croquet!

Frances Low- Manager and Coach

Data Retention Agreement - 26/03/2018 @ 17:12

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John Low


The High Bisque Tournament 2017

The annual AC High Bisque Tournament was held on 31 July/1st August at Southwick.

We had 16 players in the draw – the format was changed this year and we did not have a 'very high bisquer' section. Anyone with an AC handicap of 14 or more could enter. The handicaps ranged from 14-22 so a good mix.

We also decided to make all games 14 point so players had a chance to peg out! A lot did so it worked well! There were 3 games on both days so a lot of play which is what people want.

The coaches role changed – we went over openings, laws, etc. in the classroom, then the coaches took charge of a lawn. They were available for questions on the laws or adjudicating possible faulty shots, and they de-briefed players at the end of each game.

The play was very interesting with some excellent 4-ball breaks-we were so pleased to see players taking that on board as the easiest way to get round the 6 hoops!Some players need consolidation with the shots and tactics- plenty of courses available for that!

The semi final places were filled by Anne Bolland (Compton)who played David Wicks (Ipswich), and Janet Hoptroff (SCCC)who played Vernon Hewitt (SCCC).

Anne and Janet were victorious and so played in the final. Anne had won all her games so was the slight favourite, but Janet triumphed in the end with some brilliant roqueting and hooping – 14 v 11.

Well done Janet – the winner of the High Bisque Salver!

Janet and Anne also had handicap reductions from 16 to 14.

Congratulations to all who participated. Everyone improved!

My grateful thanks to Clive Hayton, Katharine Minchin, Jonathan Isaacs and John Munt for their coaching skills and support.

Thanks to the SCCC for the excellent lawns and food.

We had brilliant weather with sunshine and blue skies. A very enjoyable, and productive 2 days.

Frances Low – Manager and Coach and Referee

Did anyone take a photo during the Competition?
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2017 Course Programme is out! - 22/10/2016 @ 18:59

10yearstar.jpgThe prospectus of courses for the 2017 season - our 10th anniversary year - is published today.

The on-line entry system is now open.

2016 High Bisque Tournament - 05/08/2016 @ 10:02

High Bisque Tournament run by The Croquet Academy.
1/2 August 2016 at Southwick

The annual High Bisque tournament attracted 19 entries this year. 3 were in the supervised group and the rest in the main event - The High Bisque Salver.

The supervised group was run by Katharine Minchin assisted by Steve Lewendon. They had coaching and then supervised games on day 1. On day 2, they took part in the main draw playing 14 point, full bisque games.

The main event was run in 4 blocks of 4 with a base of 10, with the top 2 from each group going through to the quarter finals.The rest played a swizz event of 14 point games. The closest quarter final was between Janet Hoptroff (SCCC) and Pam Gooders (SCCC), with Janet winning 11-10. In the semi finals Janet had a comprehensive victory over Charles Corker (Preston)while Simon Dobson (Rottingdean) narrowly beat Anne Bolland (Compton).

The final was a fascinating contest with many swings of fortune. In the end Simon triumphed over Janet by 18-9. So a new name on the Salver. Simon was playing in his 1st AC tournament and had never pegged out in a match before! To do it in the final was a great achievement. Congratulations to Simon and to Janet for playing some open and positive croquet.

We saw some interesting and competitive matches but some of the stroke play lacked accuracy. Some tactics were unusual but...........................!

Well done all of you and thank you for your support.

It was lovely to see Don and Gene Mears at the final which Don kindly refereed. Gene was of course responsible for running the event for many years.

Hope to see you in 2017 and good luck with your croquet!

Frances Low (Manager and Referee of the tournament)

2016 courses open for entry - 29/11/2015 @ 15:39

Courses at The Croquet Academy at Sussex County Croquet Club in the 2016 season are now open for entry.

You can see the full prospectus on this website here.

   Quick link:   2022 courses    

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